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By applying to a wholesale account you agree with our TERMS AND CONDITIONS below:
All Wholesale applications are subject to approval.

Once we receive your application our amazing sales team will give it a lot of love and attention to ensure you are the right match for CLESIGN Active. We are looking for clients that will Spread the CLESIGN Love and Colours with Integrity and Appreciate the quality, design and beauty of our products!
Wholesale Terms and Conditions

  • We do not allow international franchises of the CLESIGN Active brand to be established overseas. All retail sales must be made under your own brand.

  • You must have a registered business in order to sell our products.

  • If you have more than one business where you will be selling CLESIGN Active, you must provide us the location for all your business where our product will be sold.

  • If you are a current wholesaler and you started a second/third/fourth business such as online shopping, a studio, a retail store and you would like to sell our products you must notify us and your request is subject to approval.

  • Wholesalers are not allowed to sell our products at locations we are not aware of and or has not be approved.

  • Wholesalers are not allowed to sell our products on websites like Amazon, eBay and any other online website without our authorization. Failing in doing this will account will be terminated and legal actions will be applied.

  • Wholesalers prices should be aligned with CLESIGN Active prices. It can be higher than the CLESIGN Active website but never lower. If you fail to comply with this term your account will be suspended.

  • Wholesalers should wait at least 6 weeks from the day the order is received to put their inventory on sale.