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Frequently asked questions about RETURNS
  • + Features/特徵
    Features Moisture-responsive non-slip surface for grip. 100% Natural rubber foundation for strength. Antimicrobial closed cell construction for cleanliness. Artwork that guides alignment for posture. 特徵 當你做熱瑜珈時你的水分應響於瑜珈墊表面,你會感受到強大的抓地力. 新型的陽離子島絲纖維麂皮,抗菌防毒. 100%菲律賓天然橡膠地基. 美麗的設計成為做瑜珈時的的藝術品
  • + Eco-friendly / 環保特徵
    ► CLESIGN all YOGA MAT passed by SGS, TCS Managed by ISO 9001, all material conform to ROHS test Quality approved by QC team. ► Latex free, toxic glue free, and Phthalates, No PVC, No Chlorine, No Chemical Material. ►Zero odor. No toxic smell ►CLSIGN所有YOGA MAT通過SGS,TCS由ISO 9001管理,所有材料均符合QC質量認證的ROHS測試質量。 ►無膠乳,無毒無膠,鄰苯二甲酸酯,無PVC,無氯,無化學物質。 ►無毒氣味
  • + Is the OSE Mat non-slip? 是否防滑?
    During sweatier practices when the mat becomes moist, the OSE Mat is non-slip. The mat offers more traction the wetter it becomes. 此設計我們讓你一次擁有毛巾;伸展墊;高鍛鍊瑜珈墊設計;在墊潮濕的情況下,CLESIGN OSE墊是防滑的。 墊子將提供你更多的牽引力。
  • + For dry yoga?
    The mat is optimized for sweatier practices. If you're looking to use this mat for 'drier' activities too, we advise spraying it with water at the start of your practice. Keep in mind that this might not be particularly pleasant during the colder months. You will also need to keep the mat fairly well sprayed throughout to ensure maximum traction. ------------------------- CLESIGN 設計研發針對發汗練習 及 伸展練習 如果您想使用這種墊子進行“乾燥”活動,我們建議您在練習開始時用水噴灑。 請記住,在較冷的月份或過度強烈的冷氣房這可能不是特別好使。 您還需要保持墊子相當好的噴灑,以確保最大的牽引力。
  • + What types of yoga is this mat optimized for? 什麼類型的墊?
    For Hot Yoga or Sweaty practices like Bikram or higher intensity yoga or Athlete stretching exercises or Child games and workouts. The CLESIGN original series eco yoga Mats Mat fabric adapts the novel cationic island silk fiber, make the product has the advantage of another than wool, fabric is elegant and chic, environment-protecting type heat preservation noise reduction wear- is good in heat preservation effect, Is wrinkle-resistant and can be washed and dried, long in service life and capable of sound absorption good wear resistance is achieved.Extra cushion is so stable and responsive grip to reduce injuries. PS: This is usually in the case of yoga mat no water is very gentle, the most suitable for stretching action. If you are not easy to sweat, it is recommended to spray some water so that can slip. 我們的OSE墊 適用於 熱瑜伽 或 汗水練習 或 兒童遊戲 如Bikram或更高強度瑜伽 或 運動員伸展 或 兒童遊戲 與 鍛煉。 CLESIGN原創系列生態瑜伽墊墊織物適應新型陽離子島纖維,使產品具有似羊毛的優點,溫柔;舒服,環保型保溫降噪耐磨性超級好,保溫效果也非常好 ,更抗皺,亦可以洗滌,使用壽命長。 CLESIGN OSE墊是如此穩定和響應的抓地力,使您減少傷害。 PS: 這墊子在普通情況下非常溫柔;很適合拉伸展動作,當他遇上了汗水之後;立即使您做運動時非常止滑。 如果您不容易出汗,建議您噴灑一些水,即可立即防止滑脫。
  • + How do I clean the Fusion Mat? 如何清理?
    We recommend a thorough wash once a week. To do this, First, rinse your mat with water. Next, spray it with an antibacterial yoga mat spray. You can easily make your own with a few drops of eucalyptus and mint essential oil diluted in water. Gently rub the spray into the mat with your hand and then rinse again. Hang the mat up to dry - it will take a day to dry, depending on what season you're in. Between practices, we recommend a light spray down of an anti-bacterial yoga mat spray and a couple of hours to dry properly. Do not aggressively scrub your mat or use harsh, chemical sprays. We recommend testing out a corner of your mat if you're using a new spray. To maximize longevity, we don't recommend throwing your mat into the washing machine or tumble dryer. (Because the Hong Kong washing machine is generally smaller, mat can not be folded) 如果你天天使用我們建議每週清洗一次。 怎麼做? 首先,用水沖洗你的墊子。 接下來,用一些天然抗菌噴霧噴式。 你可以很容易地用幾滴桉樹和薄荷精油稀釋在水中。 用手輕輕擦拭墊子,然後再次沖洗。 將墊子掛起來乾燥 - 這需要一天的時間,取決於你在哪個季節。 請勿在太陽底下曝光 ; 不要過度用力的擦洗墊或使用化學噴霧劑清洗。 (產品為天然物料製成) 為了最大限度地延長壽命,我們也不建議將墊子扔進洗衣機或滾筒烘乾機。(因為香港洗衣機一般較小,墊子盡量不要折疊)